Will you Dance with me ❤️

Female Raven Dancer by Bob Patterson

I found it 🥰 I have so many hidden gems scattered in the winds of time ,if I would have been born with an ounce of organizational skills I might be dangerous ⚡😜 but I wasn’t so like lil wild flower seeds blowing in the wind you’ll find pieces of me drifting through this universe ❤️

Will You Dance With Me

Will you dance with me… if I sing a song of death? Will you beat the drum with me… if you know not what it brings? Will you offer up your breath…? And fall into the darkness of life…Without knowing…Will you give when you have nothing more to give then life itself? Will you turn your back on love and light…And take that leap of faith into the unknown…Will you run through the fields of dark clouds… and dance in the rain of sorrow and confusion…Will you step through the foggy mist that rises from the bog below…? Will you empty your soul of all you know? Will you offer up your blood from the sword that wounds your heart…? Will you cut new wounds, and offer fresh new blood, for those who are unwilling…Will you fill your chalice with poison from my cauldron, knowing it might very well take your last breath? Will you cast your own shadows on the forest walls? And dance in the darkness of delight..? Will you turn your back on all the safety your life offers, and take that step into the unknown realms of the ghost people? Will you hear their cries in the night, or cloudy day? Will you turn your back on those who have walked before you, and never heed their warning call? Will you test your will, your faith, and offer up more then ever before? Will you leave behind all that you have come to know and love earthy possessions, hearth and fires that keep you warm? Will you accept your fate, without force, nor slight of hand? Or will you rage into the night, fighting the fight not knowing if you will win or loose, or if the end be the same? Do you fear what things may come… so paralyzed by life itself that you find you have really never lived…..? Life and death… its all in the same… new birth awaits… on the footsteps of death itself…Paving the way of the future, carved from the past…But you fear the labor pains of birth itself, Never breaking the water of death and allowing new light to enter through the tunnel of your own darkness…So will you dance with me if I sing a song a death…? Will you embrace the blood that flows from between your legs and sings of cleansing pain? Will you rage against the flow of the river of life, never learning how to float in delight… whether you are in light or dark or kind of heart? Sorrow you push me away… sadness you wish to over come, cramps of life I give to you, but you moan and cry and try and hide…Stopping the flow, catching the blood that is carried and flushed away… never learning to embrace… I am the voice in the shadowy darkness that you fear, but I am not fear itself, that is your own to carry and burden your weight.So if I sing a song of death will you truly dance with me? Or will you once again run and try and hide, behind the sunlight of another day? Knowing I will return in the darkness… and call out your name, with the caw of the raven who sings to your soul…It’s written in the roots of trees, it’s written in the stars above… I have your name placed within my cauldron, of darkness…Neither by your choice nor mine… it just is…Acceptance or virtue…shame or guilt, Sadness or joy… you will come to know me all the same…Blood that flows from your veins is mine to drink… to nourish, to heal…But you have the choice… to dance with me, or wait until another day….Run my child if that is your wish…. it proves your lack of faith….gives in to the fear….It serves me noneBut when you are ready… you will fill your chalice, and drink your lives last breath… sooner or later… it will come to all…I am the Morrigan, the hooded raven who calls your name, the crow of the farmer’s fields by your side, you know me, for you and I are the same, we shadow each other, I am within you…. when you look in the mirror you see my face, tether and worn from trails of time…But I lift the wrinkly veil, and I am beauty to behold to all… glamour of the fae I call my own… queen of the night… of darkness and despair, fear I boil and toil within other’s but not you my child…take my hand.. And dance with me and I will teach you now my song of death…Black wings that find silent flight at midnight, casting shadows on the darkness no one else can see… black as night… light is right, your raven eyes see through them all…Red is the hood I wear, so paint me now, with your blood, offer to me in the moonless night, Your gift of life….And answer me now, without knowing… what I ask…Will you dance with me if I sing a song of death?

Morinanna Wyzard

 Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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