Wyzard’s Wyld Euphorium

Dancing the Darkness

There’s a great calling , from the four corners of this amazing plane we live on
Who we call our Great Mother Earth
She is a living breathing entity
Above us a magnificent electric local Grandfather sun, without it there is no life, & at night we have the magnetic magical local Grandmother Moon
Together they create life itself
Each & everyday that I awake
I will Dance & give thanks to our mother earth & grandfather sun , & each & every night I will Dance in prayer to Grandmother moon
I will do so knowing I carry the divine spark of life, a part of the greater consciousness as a whole
I shed all earthly fears forced upon me by the so called powers that be. I am no longer participating in the destruction of this planet
I step away from materialistic greed which drives & feeds evil forces around us.
I have everything I need right here,
Each day I will grow more self sufficient. & Not a day will go by that I do not Dance in thanks or prayer . Peace & love is the cure. I’m answering call ❤️✌️

It all started with an abandoned house.

This was my view at very 1st peek into the window of our future

  • Timeless style.
  • Earthy, organic feel.
  • Enduring quality.
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind just like me!


Artist, Herbalist, Alchemist, Witch

Self-taught, with some formal training I graduated at the top of my class for massage therapy just in time for my body to let me down. I spent a couple yrs almost bedridden, but then 2020 arrived! I’ve been studying & training for this my whole life, I ditched all the prescription drugs found an abandoned house and we moved! Best thing to ever happen to us, I have most of my health back, I finally had a chance in life to actually live out my dream of being self sufficient, we have enough land to raise chickens and grow our own food and medicine. When we get our home remodeled I even have a loft for my art studio which I hope to get back to soon. But the basics come first, food and water and heat!

doesn’t look like much but she’s changing & growing

Where the Wyld Things Grow

Join me on my Journey

She changes everything she touches. And everything she touches changes. ~StarHawk

It’s all about the vibe !

– Mori~