Scattered Clouds, 92°F

1295-1797 Lakeview South

You are always right there holding my hand, I know I’m never truly alone, you love me like no other that’s never the problem, the problem is I don’t know where I am. Hiding lost some where among the shadows I dance. There’s this darkness that never goes away, perhaps I was born there with this darkness inside. It’s where I shine, I hide I reside. Where I cry and where I die. I’ve stitched up the hole, painted on the smile but just beyond the sparkle, that twinkle in my eyes is a darkness like no other it’s hard to explain when you live so buried in your head, and carry such a heavy heart. I’m going to try harder to just go on like nothing is wrong, it feels like I want to hide better and maybe I’ll wake up one day to realize I’m not even hiding at all.

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