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Shame on you clue pursuit, 94.9 KCMO X1051KC 1025jackfm & 101 the Fox – Kansas City’s Classic Rock Station – for supporting a festival that continues contribute to the cruelty of animals, there is NO reason to have elephant rides! Or petting zoos. Did you know most elephants are ripped/stolen from it’s family unit as a baby in the wild & then chained, caged and beaten into submission, even if they were born into this cruel world of captivity, they to are severely mistreated before you ride them. And if that wasn’t enough most live a lonely life, elephants are social beings they travel around in crates/trucks with very little room to move and then chained again in small areas awaiting the cruel day of ride after ride ! If you purchase tickets to the kansas city Renn fest you to are supporting this cruel act. please ask them to stop!! We our the elephants only hope, their only voice

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