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A plea to all humans:
To trump supporters
To Hillary supporters
To protesters, to all those “REACTING” during this confusing trying time
There is a huge difference between acting & reacting
It’s time to check yourself!
I have yet to hop on the protest train, not because I don’t believe in some of the very same causes as you but because I’m taking the time to evaluate my personal energy
How many of you are protesting “reacting”, from a place of fear, from a place of hate?
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and my heart keeps going right back to collective consciousness. When you act,react or protest due to the fear of the unknown, the what ifs you are adding fearful,hateful energy (hating trump suppoters & vice versa for example ) to the whole adding negative energy to the energy of the collective consciousness. Negative attracts negative .Negative energy grows even more turmoil and chaos.
It’s time for us as the human race to think bigger than self, to think larger then our life, think larger then the USA. We need to be coming from a place of love, a place of peace. Adding healing, loving, peaceful energy to the collective consciousness. The “wholeness”. Nothing will change. Nothing will get better until this happens. So I ask you ….. are you feeding, fueling the fear? Are you feeding, fueling the hate?
I’m not in any way saying sit down and shut up and just take it, I’m begging you to get your own house and heart in order before you join others and then question everything and everyone.Be very careful with whom you share your energy.Be very careful with whom you join forces with. For example 1000 protesters are flooding the streets many of those people are projecting fearful ,angry hateful energy and you join them aren’t you just fueling fire?
The universe needs peace warriors and loving healing protectors.
The collective consciousness is calling you. Do you have the strength to answer, to stand up even if that means standing alone?
It is better to stand alone, to stand filled with nothing but peace and love than to be part of the problem,even if you think you are protesting the right issues. But has it occurred to you that you could be part of the universal problem.?
The collective consciousness is calling you!!

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