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I was on fb a lot yesterday , also last night was the first night in weeks I had the worse insomnia! I believe they are connected, I felt bitchy when for weeks I’ve felt nothing but calm and loving, I was inspired until late last night when it all hit me a horrible sinking feeling , ladies &,gentleman the ship is sinking we need #truthseekers some don’t want to wake up from the so called “american dream” but what kind of dream has it been in reality ? A nightmare for many humanity is lost not forever but for now it’s pretty much lost , people no longer treat people as they would want to be treated, we’ve been lied to poisoned, dumbed down , things need to crumble but it’s not going to be pretty, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer! The world needs a spiritual shift, and that shift is going to hurt a little I see for a while at least loss of lives , loss of freedoms until we the people learn to be awake again until we remember how to be spiritual beings above all else. I think there are things we can do to make this transmission, transfiguration, transition easier, we can gather in meditation, we need our earth healers to come alive together, to move beyond being so damn selfish and send healing energy to all to the earth … it’s time to raise those vibrations, it’s time to help each other, to put love & kindness and compassion above all else. To believe nothing but your gut instincts, it’s time to step away from the subliminal messages force fed to us thru false media campaigns, that keep us confused, fearful,hateful. Now is not the time to gather in masses, making us an easy target, giving reason for Marshall law, which BTW might be needed as the system crashes Trump was never supposed to win, now before you jump on that hate Trump train hear me out hear my words , take the time to really read this, he’s the wrench in “their spokes” the catalyst of the crash
And people are you really happy with the world around you? That answer should be no, but most are seeing this all wrong even drug addicts have to hit rock bottom for real change to happen. We are spiraling towards that rock bottom!
All things have become corrupted, all agencies need Revamped and that’s going to hurt. No one ever said change was easy no one ever said change wasn’t going to hurt but its up to you to decide how much it hurts. Its up to you to remember your own inner healing energy, to be in control of self again its time to STOP REACTING.

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