Birth of a new earth

I remember! It was about 7-10 + years ago, each morning I’d get up early and write. Some may remember Mori’s morning rambles, I’d allow spirit to move thru me just typing away what ever came to mind. A reoccurring theme was “THE EARTH IS IN LABOR” I felt her birthing pains deep within me, shuffling moving rumbling. Shifting weather patterns, earth quakes, storms.I knew the labor pains were just beginning and it would take some time before the birth would begin. That time has come, the water is breaking we are about to see the birth of a new earth. The awaken ones, the tribesman, the whale dreamers, the water protectors, native people, the earth keepers, the light workers, shadow workers all are listening and waiting. I can hear this calling deep within me. I am listening. I am remembering. We are in the time of the breaking water, but as with any birth there is more to come. Great pains of labor, the shedding of blood. The time of birth is a beautiful time but it Nevers comes without pain & blood shed. It’s messy & it’s oh so beautiful!! It’s time for the new earth to come into being. Many will have a hard time with this, many are Unprepared, many are full of fear & hate, many are REACTING instead of acting. Ascending is upon us. People need to raise their vibrational level, they need wake up! We must remember we are spirit, we are more then our bodies, we are part of something so much bigger the collective conscious! We must learn to lighten our bodies thru healthy eating, clean out the chemicals which keep us in the dark. It’s time to enter the dream time, take shamanic journeys, seek within & listen learn how to make the ascend. It’s time to prepare for the birth of a new earth. — 🌙 Clear Sky, 36°F @ 1295-1797 Lakeview South

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