Mori’s 28 day meditation challenge



Mori’s meditation challenge For the next 28 days pick one word And add “I am” to it for example Compassion I am compassion The only way to create a new healthy habit is to do it! I started the year off challenging myself to eat healthier, to be healthier thru mind, body, spirit connections. I’ve had a healthy veggie/fruit/protein packed smoothie nearly everyday for a month I have also went to weekly yoga, and did arm excerises. I can feel the difference,so I’m adding to my own challenges. I am healing self, I am changing me. The only way to change your mind set from hate to love is to practice change Old habits of allowing negative energy to affect us will slip in and out. We’ll have to keep our own emotions and thoughts in check. By doing this challenge daily you will begin to heal the world and those around us. The only way to peace is thru love. Love for self, love for those around us, love of thy enemy, love of the world. I don’t believe it’s too late I believe we are witnessing a major shift in the collective conscious, this shift calls to us deep with in. Awakens us from dream time, the time to act is now. Awaken,ground,explore,thrive! Stop just pushing your way thru life, stop the struggle and thrive. The only chains binding you are within your own mind. Are you allowing the words and actions of others to rule your life? To sabotage your own happiness, to steal your time and change your emotions? Are you in fact still reacting instead of acting? If so this meditation challenge might be just what you need! Today’s word is compassion! You can use the daily words or create your own. Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” MORI’ — ☁ Broken Clouds, 49°F @ 1295-1797 Lakeview South

#collectiveconscious #peace #healing #love

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