Honoring the sacred womb


#nationalwomensday The sacred womb Hater’s get ready to hate this post! Today is national women’s day which is something to be honored & respected! The world needs to return to the sacred womb, the healing birth place of all things. If you want change you’re going about it all wrong, you are in fact using masculine energy to demand the rights & treatment of women. You’ve forgotten the great divine, the drumming heartbeat of mother earth. You can not heal the earth by using force, by screaming & yelling & demanding respect. You can not heal the earth by mocking the female energy by wearing pussy hats on your head! You yourself have become too masculine, fighting masculine energy with masculine energy when what this world needs is the true balance of female energy. Female energy is the all powerful whisper in the wind, it’s healing, nurturing quiet soothing loving peaceful energy. You can not demand respect you earn it! By honoring the sacred womb, by learning how to truly use female energy. Women of today have forgotten what that feels like, and the earth mother is crying out to us all to return. Hillary Clinton did more damage to the women’s movement then people are admitting! She is a female with very masculine energy this will never work! It will never heal the earth, all its doing is causing more hate,more riots & destroying actual female energy. She played her role & played it well she caused havoc on a already damaged society & women around the world are playing right into the damaging game, stepping right into the enemies hands. It’s time to take a step back in time & remember! What female energy feels like deep within our souls. Your thoughts are energy in motion and today especially we need to sit in the silence of the divine mother & ask for her guidance. To seek out peaceful, healing natural nurturing ways to heal society & our earth mother. Today is the day to ask yourself are you truly adding female energy to the world around you or have you become too masculine , are you yourself out of balance,do you even know or remember what female energy feels like? Ask yourself the hard questions today are you truly helping or hurting are you healing yourself & the world around you or are you adding fuel to the fire. Today I honor the healer within, today I honor the womb, today I honor the true heartbeat of mother earth. #femaleenergy #sacredwomb #motherearthneedshealers #peacedreamers — ☀ Clear Sky, 49°F @ 1295-1797 Lakeview South

#peace #healing #love #female #peacedreamers


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