open letter to my Liberal friend

I wanted to have a real discussion, with a dear friend of mine. I won’t call her out by name, and I’m coming from a place of pure love. I’m a lot older than you & I’ve been here before. I’m going to tell you a story from when my kids were little.

I have a friend we lived only 2 blocks away and our boys grew up together. I’ll call her S she was a great mom who loved her family. Her husband worked over the road this left her home alone a lot during the yrs I knew her. She also had a drinking problem, so you have a mom taking care of kids day in day out home alone and she drinks. This is the perfect storm!

Drunk woman home alone seeking adult companionship. The perfect scenario for the predator to pounce of their prey. This time the predator just happened to be JW’s who walked the streets knocking on doors looking for anyone who will listen. Cue single drunk woman who is seeking someone anyone to talk to. They captured her hook line and sinker! It took me months to make her see how much they had used her. It took me months to get these people to leave her alone! It took months to get them out of her head!

Keep in mind we didn’t even know what the internet was at the time! So it was old fashion going to the library to discredit everything they were trying to make this poor woman believe. It really screwed her up and contributed to her completely almost loosing her entire family. I’m so please to tell you her story has a good ending, it pushed her to rock bottom and today she’s clean and sober.

Cue 2020 now I have the exact same friend. I’ll call her C, she is home alone all the time her hubby works out of town, she has 2 young boys at home, and you guessed it she drinks!

Yet again another single mom trying to do it all, drinks at night, seeks adult companionship.

This time it was not JW’s walking the streets and knocking on doors: CUE SJW’s yet you guessed it the social justice warriors! They are the modern day predator, and she is the prey! This is how antifa and other groups rope people in, they look for the weak, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the mentally ill. They use these people to further their own evil agendas.

These people are JW’s on steroids and we now have the internet which means bots are diffidently in question as well. They seek out lonely individuals, they find a simple common ground topic such as LBGTQ we all agree on these topics. Very few people are actually against the gay community. But they use topics such as this where most political parties meet in the middle their main goal is to get them to sway to the radical side. They pull them in, and I’ve push them past all common sense, pushing their personal boundaries further and further away from who they truly are. Its all classic CCP propaganda ! Its what they do, clearly our media has lost all integrity. They will tell you something one day the very next day tell you the opposite and act like this is normal behavior its not normal in anyway shape or form.

These same people write crazy believable stories and push the TDS over a cliff! Do I think my friend C is weak? NO I think she is a victim of the CCP brainwashing techniques !

I honestly believe these people are a direct threat the the freedoms in this country, everyone with common sense can see this! Its as clear as the nose on my face. Never in the history of this country have so many people stood up, crossed political borders joined hands in peace for this great nation! We have ex-SJW’s we have progressives, democrats everyday people in every single state! I want my friend whom I love dearly to wake up and see what they have talked her into! I’m trying to save her life! I’m trying to save her children’s lives. I’m writing this from pure love! I do not want her to hit rock bottom, and end up so far down she’ll never climb out! I want to save my friend!

I’ve been here before! I’ve walked this road, I’ve watched real world predators pounce of prey. I know she is strong, smart and certainly not weak! I know she was born with common sense that has been stripped from her on to many lonely drunk nights spent alone on reddit!

I really hope it’s not to late for her, for her children! America needs everyone to join together for peace! The only other choice we have, and it certainly might be to late but the alternative is civil war, I don’t my best friend to become my worst enemy. I love you C and there is help out there! I’m right here to help you see the truth! This is no longer a game! This is NOT ANOTHER 4 YR ELECTION!

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