Sweet scents

Clematis terniflora “Queen of vines” w/her sweet sweet vanilla scent

September 5,2022 Moonday

All year I let the vines on the fence line grow Wyld. Then when the very first hints of autumn arrive I awake to nature’s sweet sweet scents. White Clematis the “Queen of Vines” displays her glory. Once you smell her wonder gift you can’t help but let her grow Wyld & free just like me. Untamable, she tries to creep into the garden & cover every crack & crevice & I keep asking her to please stay on the fence 😅 she tries her best but like I said untamable, I’m noticing a couple slight varieties this yr. I have a verigated leaf & a solid green leaf. I’m going to bring one or two of her babies inside tho join me this winter as a house plant.

Clematis with her sweet white essence all a glow, she is the perfect herb to help artistic / creative people who have a tendency to dream of the future while having an issue connecting with the here & now. Clematis teaches us to come back down to earth, smell her sweet scent & ground yourself in the here & now. It’s also waxing Capricorn moon , perfect timing to make traditional bach flower essence & Clematis & her sweetness is happy to help. Use the Clematis essence anytime during the following months to help you find your center & ground in the moment. She brings her blessings into the “here & now” .

The Queen of Vines with her white purity essence & sweet scents stands for the beauty of the mind and ingenuity, she is the bringer of Truth, it’s time to get to know your inner true authentic self. ✌️❤️

~Mori ‘


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