Interesting energy, cosmic Time & Space

Divine Animals Oracle
Stacey Demarco

Today was one of those amazing days, where everything just feels right in the universe. Almost a yummy feeling, I woke up had the day off laid around until noon, got up gathered fresh eggs, let the chickens out to roam the yard. Nice another double yoker egg that’s 3 I’ve gotten so far. I figured it was a good day to be lazy & dry my dreads in the open air 😁😎.

Quickly I noticed the energy in the air, maybe a storm is headed our way ,slight breeze & yet the energy around me was still & quiet. I love days like this it’s when I realize I am exactly where I’m supposed be! This time line this space this home & for the first time ever maybe I actually feel happy & grounded . This is the place I’ve been searching my whole life for. I put on my new fav cd it’s not my usual kind of music but I’ve listened to it everyday & danced in prayer, & gratitude ever since my last major D/L

Pearce Roswell Where Truth Lies . I’m still sorting through all the details of this amazing D/L, it can sometimes take weeks or more to fully understand the messages I receive. so I’ve got my fav CD playing & I love to dance with my Suki-Roo ! He loves me to play music for them when they are out in the yard. & He’s a pretty good dancer ! I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m nuts 🤣 it was the perfect ending to a perfectly peaceful day.

❤️ Suki-Roo ❤️

It’s been quite a long time since I decided to get new cards. This time I followed my gut & it led me right to Stacey Demarco & her decks. The artwork is simply amazing! & I definitely connect with her style of art so I bought the animal deck , her elemental deck & her moon Goddess deck I than found out she had even more decks so I put those on my wish this for next time. But enough about my wonderful day & into the reading

Once again my cards never disappoint, I centered my focus, shuffled the cards cut the deck & went with a simple 3 card spread. Starting with Armadillo card #7 “Groundedness” Armadillo appears wearing a strong coat of armor ready to take on the world. Always staying close to our earth mother. Armadillo’s hard outer shell reminds us to stay grounded & be prepared for battle, but always keep your heart soft. Stay grounded!

# 33 Chameleon ; chameleon reminds me to pick my battles wisely , sometimes especially in this day & age, it’s better to be the master of camouflage to keep your head down & blend in to the background. The chameleon never gives up his true identity he just knows how to use his talents wisely like a true warrior. Chameleon knows his own strengths & weaknesses. Chameleon can be found in trees with his sure footedness which reminds us to take the high road.

We are now grounded & have our protections in place with our hard outer armadillo armor, & chameleon’s Camo we are ready for the battle, the battle we all know is coming!

Last but not least we have # 24 Horse “Freedom” she appears coming through a doorway, this card made my heart sing, knowing what is waiting for us freedom ! The battle won’t be easy, but we are ready. I have a feeling it could be a very long & hard road ahead. War is never pretty & we all know it’s where this country is headed but I’m ready I refuse to live in fear or under the thumb of a tyrannical false Gov. Horse reminds us to run wild & enjoy the wind in our hair. We have but one life to live don’t let them take away your personal freedom with lies & scams.

Stand firm & grounded like Armadillo, put on your armor for the battle is about to begin. Use the camouflage of chameleon to know when to fight & when to blend in. Let Horse remind you never let the gov tame you or trap you live life wild & free knowing your freedom can not be given our taken by our criminal overtaken Gov. You were born with the devine spark of our creator only God has the power to gift you with Freedom & Free Will


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