Today’s messenger Turtle

Turtle on a Mission

I don’t need any tarot cards, or tools to pick up the subtle voices of nature. She never lies. And although I enjoy the focus cards & tools bring they are just helpers in a mass field of communications going on around me at all times. Each & every day I plant my bare feet firmly in my earth mother & I listen. Today brought a short lil visit by Mr Turtle who found himself in a pickle. He needed out of the yard but he just didn’t quite fit. As I stood with my feet in the mud looking & listening I was drawn deeply to the corner of the front fence. Sure enough there he was I gladly opened the gate moved him to the tree next to the gate & within min. He was gone šŸ¤· I thought turtles were slow, that’s just not so. I then wondered wait was he really here at all? I quickly check my camera of yes indeed he was. & He brought with him reinforcement of the message I received the other day about armor . I believe there is a great battle about to unfold right before our very eyes . Will this battle effect you personally only time will tell. One thing I do know is it’s time to put on our armor & prepare the best we can. It’s my personal choice to make my Homestead my castle of peace & serenity. Knowing I have everything I need , nature will provide as she has for a millennium. I’m grateful for the short but timely visit from Turtle.


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