Mabon~The Witch’s Thanksgiving~Fall Equinox

My gremlin in a cat suit Indica

Many fall blessings one & all. I’m really getting to know my new place, I try to spend a little time with each tree to get a feel & just get to know them. This weekend I went over to the Wyld Side a small sliver of land we are letting grow completely Wyld & free it’s over in my little Wyld spot that I met this gorgeous tall pine. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with this tall beauty I’m not sure exactly how tall it is. I know my place is 2 stories & this pine towers over my house , I actually can’t see the very top of this tree 😁. I never had my very own pine tree before, so this yr I give thanks for the blessings of all the gorgeous pine cones. It’s a wonderful representation of my own pineal gland & how much I’ve truly grown this past year. I’m forever grateful for all the blessings the universe is showering down upon me. I feel more at home & more in touch with nature now more than I have in my whole life. Although woods walking when I homeschooled my daughter was nice ☺️. Anyway the pine cones had another special message for me as well, the mighty pine knows exactly when to close up tight & protect those seeds & when to open her arms & let them go & protect the next generation. For my children & my grandchildren I must stand tall , stand proud, & stand FREE ! I know exactly who I am & it feels great ❤️

I have so many things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving. When we live a life close to nature, & close to our creator we can withstand any storm. The sights & sounds & smells of fall have arrived, & I intend to enjoy every moment of it . ✌️❤️


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