Loving Life

Man I love my life right now ❤️ I am happy , I am content, I’m fulfilled. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
Which this morning means sitting in front of my roaring fire drinking my healing herbal tea the only thing that really matters at this very second is 🤔 do I want mulberry jam or strawberry jelly on my toast 🤔
Yep … I love my life
I think I’ll catch up on my blog writing today I promised I would be better about that & have several days worth of editing on entries from vacation etc .
I’ve still got a few more herbs to pick & get dried before they are completely gone to winter.
I guess I’ll plan a road trip home to get hedge post 🙄
No matter how big the world gets they’ll never take that hometown ks girl away from me . She always shines through.


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