Mt. Rushmore

Mt.Rushmore 2022

I drove all night straight through from KCMO -Mt.Rushmore. We got there just in time for the sun to come up, with no reservations in mind we just happened to find a hotel right next to Rushmore. Even more amazing was the fact that had a indoor pool & hot tub 😁

Afternoon a long much needed nap a dip in the pool w/ jack & a soak in the hot tub I was ready to go see Rushmore & continue on with a long long drive. I knew Rushmore would be a lil emotional for me in so many ways but mostly because there is so much beauty in our country, & we really do live in the greatest country on earth & people are destroying everything good we have left. It’s hard not to get all political when every day our rights are being trampled & taken. The one thing I probably walked away with from this trip was just how much I love my life ❤️ & this country IS worth fighting for! I will continue to honor my God given rights & no political figure, or corporate greedy asshole is going to enforce mandates or anything else on me or my family. I’ve drawn my line in the sand. They won’t effect my life in negative way without major consequences on their part. There are many a man & woman in this country that should be really terrified! Terrified they’ll hang for what they have done & continue to do on what seems like a daily bases. The illegal Biden crime family that the real criminals hide behind can not get away with their evil ways for ever. There is a price they are all going to pay & pay dearly . Visiting Mt. Rushmore reminded me of the standing strength of true American Patriots who spend every waking hour seeking justice & liberty for all. We will not comply ! We do not consent! We will not back down! We will not kneel!

I’ll admit I shed a few tears. I mourn for all the loss of life, from the bioweapon death jab, & all the useless wars not to mention our murderous healthcare system, & so much more . It truly is a sad state of affairs when your very own government is your worst enemy.

Written for September 29th 2022

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