Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower 2022

What an incredible sight, I would have loved to spend more time exploring this sacred land . The first American National Monument 1906

Ironically with what we are living through in this country right now, it’s named Devil’s Tower the national park with tell you it’s caused by erosion 🤔 the Native American will tell you it’s a tree

They have a beautiful legend of 7 girls playing one little boy was chasing them & was struck by lightening & turned into a bear. The girls climbed the tree & they began to grow the bear clawed higher the tree grew higher all the way up to the heavens & the 7 girls became the 7 sister stars & what’s left of the tree is scarred by bear claws to this day .

I must say it certainly looks like a tree even up close.

Oh as I’m writing up the road trip blog I just remember my son who passed 14 yrs ago went to all these new places with me, I honor my son & show him what an amazingly beautiful place earth is by taking & leaving small ashes & I take the time to tell him how much I miss him ❤️

I can’t wait to take this road trip again when we have more time we they all just happened to be either on the way or way back & I just could not pass up the chance to stop , honor, pray on many a sacred grounds our beautiful lands are wepping, nature herself feels the evil fog like a big black storm cloud brewing right above us, what ever this is can not be sustained. Batten down the hatches because winter is coming to this country.

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