What does it feel like to be an American today?

What does it feel like to be an American today?

I’m actually baffled at how to honestly answer this one, it’s bugged me for a couple hrs now actually
On one hand dude I love my life, we live in the most amazingly beautiful country I just drove all the way from Kansas city to Sandpoint id & back hit mt. Rushmore, devil’s tower, South Dakota badlands it was an incredible road trip ❤️ I love my life right now I have a kick ass homestead I’ve got chickens a garden beautiful grandkids & on the other hand I’m ready to defend it all with my life. & It could easily slip to that
It’s sad! I cried at Rushmore
Anyway most incredible drive  & the place we went to omg ❤️ amazing & only in America !

& actually my rights come from my creator I am a  Free American I live my day to day life as a free independent adult they can’t take something that they didn’t give me .
But then we have our so called gov which is nothing more than a bunch of criminal thugs I don’t even consider those people Americans their terriost so until the world decides to grow up I’ll be over here growing my food, looking at pretty scenery & home schooling my grandkids because that’s what I love about my life ❤️✌️

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