Welcome October

Entering the void
the veil is thinning
I hear them calling my name
Inanna, Morrighan, & the raven
walking among the death and decay
the underworld calls my name
where all the tiny seedlings go to rest
enter now the time of the void
no more light only darkness
a time for within, withdrawn from the sounds
from the wounds that bound
a time for hibernation
and collaboration
dark spirits hear my call
I am ready for the fall
deep within darkness grows
knowing this is just how the widlings grow
alone in solitude
calm and serene
no more fear
only peace resides
enter now the time of the void
a place oh so familiar,
yet its been so long
I have missed you all
but I hear the call
no more searching
no more answers do I seek
a calm dark knowing
this is where I belong
among the death and decay
brings about a better day
alone in the darkness
I can finally breath
along the walls of the underworld
I find my name, written so many times before
and now I close the door

claudia wyzard © 10/12/19

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