My beautiful daughter always by my side taken from my hospital bed just after I woke up from back surgery ❤️

Insomnia you’re such a cunt
Always on the hunt

Lying in the darkness
Sleep escapes
Drifting to the distant shore
Thoughts racing
to & fro
Outside my window
Grandmother Moon continues to grow
Always changing ,
Always dancing,
To & fro

Deafening silence cracks
Sounds of the wild
Echoing on the wind,
The owl & the coyote
My only friend

Tossing & turning
Listening to the snoring
Wishing this would end
Eyes grow heavy
Tiny fragments of sleep
Teasing me,
taunting me,
Just as the pain
slips right in

Insomnia you’re such a cunt
Always on the hunt

Shadows dance like
haunting memories
Drifting in & out
Dull & achy
Body raging

Outside my window
Grandmother Moon slowly
Eyes dry & burning
Swelling with every
Heavy blink

As the light begins to grow
And Dawn

In the distance a lonely chirp
Breaks the silence
Like a stranger who has been waiting with me
But also
So alone

Insomnia you’re such a cunt
Always on the hunt
Ready to catch each and every
Sliver of sleep
In your wicked trap
Baited with pain from the day before


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