Mori’s Morning Rambles

Brian Froud Faeries oracle

I’ve been back on ivm for about a month now, I got sick AF when I got back from vaca which doesn’t surprise me at all, James was sick a couple days before vaca & all of us thankfully got sick the day we got home, both kids, misty, & me they have kicked it me not so much it’s rolling right into my fall ugh  routine these weather changes are freaking hard on me 
It’s a ball of allergy yuk, COPD, & pain !! Until I can kind of get a grip I might need a steroid with the IVM I’m trying to hold off on that but it’s working out for me to need it about 3 times a yr  even with the IVM but the IVM  defiantly helps me !!!
This fall I’m doing elderberry tea, anti-inflammatory tea, I’ve upped my tumeric in my tea & eggs , elderberry gummies,more vit. Ivm & fulvic acid  & it’s basically keeping my head above water so I’m barely pushing thru these cold mornings ,a wood stove is WORK but omg it’s so worth it for me not to ache  梁
So I try not to complain to much
But like this morning thank God I don’t have a 3 am start it got to cold in here over night & it’s crippling me until I get heated back up lol 
I honestly just figured mine was normal fall crud
I get really dark & moody going into full blown winter
I call this time my void time I know it’s going to last for me until about right after the first of the yr  yep thru the holidays ( bah hum bug) as well…..
I do love Halloween though for me it’s my last wazaah ! Of the yr before I sink into that darkness ☺️ like a seed wintering .

This used to be a hard transition for me, but after yrs & yrs of the same cycle I’ve just learned to embrace my shadow & go with it it’s less destructive for others around me, that’s for sure & it’s something that’s been happening across many lives for me saying that still feels like I need to explain just how long that has been for me, ( just a glimpse of me keep in mind I come from the  time of the fae)  they are all God’s creatures ,nature spirits are much needed & such underrated spirits , & they for eternity have gotten a bad wrap ,& now they throw tartaria bs in the mix , tartaria isn’t real history! But mesopotamia & sumerian are very real!
Tartaria is a trap to get you to destroy your own history because if you don’t remember you are doomed to forget!
They would love that! It makes the reset go smoothly for them!
But those who remember, we eventually remember it all.
I haven’t talked about the lady of the woods for so long, maybe it’s time to dust her off & bring her back out this winter 樂 I wonder what she has to teach me this time ? Her tale is drenched in heartache but it’s my heartache that has repeated through every lifetime I know of including this one.  Maybe just maybe she still has important stuff to teach me & that is worth every tear I shed for her.

Until next time


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