The void & release

Queen of the Moon oracle Stacey Demarco

promise to self ;

I will give as much attention & energy to my self & my garden & food production has I gave all my research on the political crap from 2020-2022
Which I am releasing into the universe during my new year
I’m using my “void” time
Oct 31st – the first new moon of 2023
I’m allowing myself time to grieve 🥺 & rest this month off I’ve pretty much went into full blown hibernation mode 😅
& Then with my first ritual/ ceremonial of 2023 it will be releasing ALL of that! Everything that has built up over the past couple yrs that might take a pretty big fire !

Queen of the Moon oracle Stacey Demarco

I will end my 2022, with release! I will release all those who judge me out of their own fear & stupidity. This really has nothing to do with me & the sacred ways in which I live my life & everything to do with the one’s who place judgement upon me. My creator God doesn’t make mistakes & I was created the way I am for a reason. My truths have nothing to do with your truths. That is something each individual must find on their own journey, if they lack trust/faith in their God it appears here as fear & judgement on others, on me. That is not my burden to carry, that is not my battle but their own. I can hope & pray they one day awaken but until then their judgement doesn’t have to effect me at all & it’s time for me to release that & them .

I can’t wait to see what blessing awaits me in 2023.

Queen of the moon oracle Stacey Demarco

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