Stepping into my magickal self

Winter Blessing multi part mini series 2022

Bitter cold start this morning, so I figured the girls & Roos could use some running around to get warm so breakfast & fresh water was served, & the gate left open for them to free range what’s left of the garden & yard , I always throw a few goodies out for extra treats on cold winters dawns.

The cast iron press grill is warming on the wood stove , just waiting for the perfect ingredients to arrive . I took a stroll around my cold yard even in winter hibernation she continues to bless me. I quickly found the perfect yule log & then asked for a few small branches of the evergreen queen . She quickly obliged

King Pine has blessed me since Sept with an endless supply of pine cones , he stands so tall & strong . It was simply amazing to lay in my bed cozy & warm & look out my window to see King Pine Guarding our kingdom as the beautiful full moon rose into the night with Mars retro by her side

Tune in next entry as we approach the True reason for the season the dying of the dark & the welcoming of the light ! Winter Solstice approaches & this yr as my offering I’ll share a small slice of my simple magickal life.

Morinanna ✌️❤️

Things are coming together nicely🍃

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