Feb 2,2023 Imbolc

Roy T Bennett

Feb 2nd Imbolc

~~~I absolutely felt a shift , it’s like
Is everybody in…..?
Phase 2 is about to begin….

Much going on right now earth energy wise
The Schuman resonance has been off the charts
Newbies are rubbing their eyes 👀 & starting to think ., those who’ve been wide awake are waking up even more
2023 is live your most authentic self year.
People are taking big chances & those are paying off
Everyone I know who either lost a job , quit a job etc over covid all those people Forced into change : almost every single one of them is in a wonderful place in life now, happier , healthier , prosperity abounds
The good people shall be rewarded & I pity the evil ones
The earth shall devour them whole for what they have done.

Make 2023 the year you dance !
Set ALL fear aside & create a sound track for your life & dance your way to your wildest dreams
It’s time to see what we can manifest for the bright new world Mori~❤️✌️


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