My watchful guest

My watchful guest

March 26,2023
8am on a Sunday morning
The owl sits outside my window, as I watch the morning sun glisten off pristine feathers. I sat & watched through my bedroom window as the cool spring breeze blows your tail . Not in your usually spot, today but front & center of the tall old pine. Not hidden in the shadows of winter leaves that didn’t fall. There’s something calming , something Magickal about knowing you’re on watchful duty. I listen as Saidi & Suki-Roo crow their morning song, Unsuspecting of the dangers just beyond their fence. Coexisting predator & prey. I feel honored you chose my pine, I felt her special energy the moment her first cone caught my eye.
Her crooked start in life, but through trial & error she got it right. Straight & tall after all reaching up towards the ether . The tallest tree in the neighborhood, it’s no wonder you picked her to be your home. I could sit for hours & watch you preen those beautiful feathers glistening in the morning sun. It brings me a sense of peace and protection a sign from my ancient mother that I am on the right path. Right where I belong. I wonder as the world gets more twisted & turned if anyone takes the time to stop and read the signs any more. I’ll never forget the early morning when I felt you watch me as I awake it only took me moments to locate you just barely outside of my view, you hid in the shadows keeping a watching eye.
In the evening I hear your beautiful mating song & know it isn’t just you that’s appeared but your mate as well. What luck, what grace to be blessed with not one but the pair.
I love that in just a short few days you feel safe enough to bath in the morning sun on my side of the tree. You’ve moved into plain line of sight as I watch, sharp as a razor blade talons stretch & scratch & fluff. Winter warming feathers will soon loosen & fall. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye for the gifts that fall, but really our early morning chats are gifts enough. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to share this space & time with you. I watch as huge eyes get heavy & the breeze gently rocks your branch while you drift off to sleep for the day.


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