I dreamt of you again my son


I awake shaking from the dream
yet again nightmare’s rage
like an untamed animal in a cage
all alone,
betrayal, rotten flesh
tortured souls
even my own
no clue from which they came
perhaps my own deepest darkest place
of fear
loss of it all,
my home, my security
my sanity
only to find me standing all alone
why do I see you at a certain age
with your long blonde hair all aglow
younger and youthful
just a young teen
among the chaos of the dream
flashes of you appear
out of sync with the dream
I could pull this photo from a box
but no need when the memory is burnt into my heart
tortured by the pain,
they say to let you go,
but no, I’d take the pain everyday
just to see a glimpse of you\
in each and every dream

Morinanna Wyzard ©05/09/13


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